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To become a member of the Sweet Repeat Charitable Foundation you should live in the Lake Wylie area in North or South Carolina. All members pledge to volunteer a minimum of 6 hours a month in store operations.


Our volunteers work Monday through Thursday mornings from 9am to 3pm processing donations and cleaning and organizing the store. In addition, volunteers work in our store when we are open to the public - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9am to 3pm.

The first step to becoming a member is to complete the attached application.

Next, you will be contacted by one of our ladies on the Membership Committee to set up a time to come in for the “general” orientation. Then, if you wish to continue the path to become a member, you will schedule the additional training as discussed below with our Membership Committee. Prospective new members are voted on by the Executive Board and, after a successful trial period, are inducted at a monthly General Membership/Luncheon Meeting. The new member’s $10 dues are collected at that time. Thereafter, annual dues of $10 are collected from each member/alumna to help defray incidental membership costs that cannot be taken out of the charitable funds. Dues for current members are billed in June and are due July 31st.

The trial period is a period during which the trainee is required to attend several separate training sessions totaling approximately 12 hours. All training must be scheduled through the Membership Committee and must take place on either a Monday or Wednesday which are our processing days. This ensures that there is a dedicated person assigned to conduct the training. Please fill out the below Contact information for the Membership Committee, give us as much information in order to respond to your request. 

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